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Welcome to AbiBird

AbiBird is up early, like it’s feathered friends, quietly looking out for your loved one around the clock and if something is not quite right this little birdy will let you know.

From its beginnings in Australia, AbiBird has migrated around the globe, settling down recently in New Zealand, Ireland, Germany and Spain.

This birdy is always on the go, enabling people to live independently for longer and providing peace of mind to family and carers.

AbiBird is owned by STS Devices, a part of the ATF Services Pty Ltd group. An Australasian group of companies with a footprint of over 60 locations and more than 5,000 regular clients.

For 28 years, ATF has built a reputation throughout Australia and New Zealand for delivering an extensive range of smarter safety solutions, through superior product quality, backup and service.

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