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General FAQs

The AbiBird Sensor

How does it work?

Place an AbiBird sensor in your loved ones home, download the AbiBird smartphone app and that’s it. The AbiBird sensor will count the movements of someone walking past and displays this hourly in the AbiBird app. If your loved one’s movement stops unexpectedly, AbiBird will automatically send an alert to your smartphone.

Is there any camera or audio recording?

There are no cameras or audio recordings. AbiBird uses an infrared light motion sensor to detect movement. The AbiBird sensor will count the movement of someone walking past and record this hourly. However, it cannot detect who or what walked past.

Will pets affect AbiBird?

As AbiBird sensor detects movement through infrared light it is unable to differentiate between people and other moving objects, such as pets.

By placing sensor roughly 1.2m above the ground or at least above the height of your pets, they can then move around below its detection zone without interfering with the sensor. Note, to ensure your loved one’s movement can be sensed the AbiBird sensor must be placed below their shoulder height.

How many AbiBird sensors will I need for my loved one’s home?

We recommend 2 AbiBird sensors for smaller homes and apartments with 2-4 rooms, and an additional sensor for every 2-3 more rooms in larger homes. For multi-storey homes we suggest at least 1 AbiBird sensor per storey.

Do your need the Internet at your loved one’s home?

The AbiBird sensor does not need the Internet or any other installed technology in your loved one’s home. AbiBird uses the Internet of Things network (IoT), supplied by our network carrier.

Do I need to charge the AbiBird sensor or connect it to power?

The AbiBird sensor runs on 4 x AA batteries for up to 12 months. No additional power is required. The AbiBird sensor will send a ‘low battery alert’ to the app when the batteries have 20% power remaining and a ‘critically low battery alert’ when they reach 5% power. We recommend changing the batteries after the first alert.

Has the AbiBird sensor been tested and approved for European standards?

Yes, AbiBird has CE Certification and complies with the required standards.

The AbiBird App

How will AbiBird alert you when it notices your loved one needs help?

The AbiBird app will notify your phone, similar to a text message alert. There are two types of alerts that the AbiBird app will send you:

  • Automatic Alert (‘Unusual Activity’): AbiBird will compare the counted movement currently in your loved one’s home relative to the routines set in the AbiBird app. If activity levels are inconsistent with the expected routine, then an alert will be automatically sent.
  • Manual Alert (‘Request for Contact’): Your loved one can manually trigger an alert by tapping the AbiBird sensor repeatedly.

Importantly, ensure that your smartphone push notifications settings are turned on for both the AbiBird app and general phone settings. You will also need to turn on email notifications via your smartphone app in the same app notifications section.

How can I download the AbiBird app?

You will need either an iPhone (with iOS 10+) or an Android smartphone (with Android 5+). The ‘AbiBird App’ is free and can be downloaded from either Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store.

Who needs the AbiBird app and can additional people be added to receive alerts?

The AbiBird app should be used by who ever is looking out for your loved one (yourself, family members and carers).

You can setup a care network by sharing activity and alert notifications with others using the AbiBird app. They will need to download the AbiBird app on their smartphones. Members of the network are also able to adjust the settings in the app.

How can I see if my loved one is active using the AbiBird app?

Within the AbiBird app, each sensor has its own chart. A quick glance will let you know that there is activity in your loved ones home.

What if there is a change in the routine for a day?

If your loved one travels or is away from their home for an extended period you can pause the AbiBird notifications by using the app to deactivate notification alerts, just remember to un-pause the notifications later.

Note, if the alerts are shared with multiple people through the app and one person pauses notifications it will also pause everyone else’s notifications. If you as the carer do go away, best to turn off your notifications in the app settings, allowing others to keep looking out for your loved one.

My account

How do I access my account details?

Simply go to the AbiBird website’s ‘My Account’ section and enter your email address associated with your account and password.

How do I review my order?

You will receive an order confirmation email as soon as you place your Order (including payment). You can also review your order details on our websites ‘My Account’.

When will I be billed?

Your AbiBird subscription is billed one month in advance, however for the first month we will provide an extra week for delivery and allow you time to setup your AbiBird(s). You may cancel your subscription at any time before the second or any future billing cycles, via ‘My Account’ on the AbiBird website.

How can I see my payment history and subscriptions?

Your payment history can be viewed by logging in to ‘My Account’, on our AbiBird website.

What about the privacy of my information?

At AbiBird, we understand the importance of privacy, particularly given you have entrusted in us, personal information about your loved one. We only use personal information about you or your loved one to identify you, send important notices to you, or to provide the AbiBird service itself.

The data we capture from the AbiBird service within the AbiBird app is treated as confidential in accordance with AbiBird’s Privacy Policy.

Download the App

To download the app, choose the preferred device.

AbiBird App Update – February 2019

What’s New and What’s Changed

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